Addicted to Stockings

I love getting new stockings in the mail! It’s like the excitement of Christmas Day when I was a little girl. I have a special fan who adores stockings and sends me amazing vintage ones like these. This pair in particular I fell in love with big time. Sometimes there is a pair that is very special and stands out from all the others.

Addicted to Stockings

Addicted to Stockings

The detailing on vintage stockings surpasses anything that is made in todays day and age. You really can’t get anything like vintage stockings. The quality, design, texture is truly unique.

Sexy back seam stockings with keyhole

Sexy back seam stockings with keyhole

Fine lingerie and vintage stockings go hand in hand. I feel so feminine and sexual!

Emily Marilyn Addicted to Stockings

Emily Marilyn Addicted to Stockings

This pair I adore because of the backseam that follows all the way down the thigh and calf and right to the tip of my toe. I’ve never seen a pair of stockings quite like these babies. I shot them in more detail for for foot site, as well as my main site,

Emily in gorgeous vintage stockings

Emily in gorgeous vintage stockings

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7 Responses to Addicted to Stockings

  1. Jim says:

    These photos are so beautiful, you’re fabulous!

  2. spt999 says:

    your body are so sexy,I have a dream that I really wanna do sth with you.I hope the dream can come true in some days.

  3. william says:

    adorables miembros inferiores, con encantos de seda

  4. Mike says:

    I sell these backseamed barefoot Albert’s on
    They are so so sexy…….

  5. Ankluvr says:

    You are the most perfect model known alive, I think better than Dita (I have two photos there–with pass-through links to your website, will sadly remove if you want).

  6. Larry says:

    Your a look so good your better than good . Perfect is the word. Love your outfits and stockings only with you in them.every woman should look you.The world would be good place with lady’s like you. Your the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. If they ever start cloning you I WANT ONE! You friend LCG.

  7. G says:

    You are beautiful! I love pantyhose. Do you like them? And why do most women hate them? I think it is the most feminine thing to wear!

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